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Silver Star Necklace Charm Necklace Silver Star Silver Chain Necklace Dainty Silver Necklace Silver Star Choker Star Necklace A12A ET-SSE87107-8097
$75.30 $15.85
Strappy Black Leather Choker Necklace ET-0E463E87-7087
Handmade item Materials: silver charm, silver hardware, black leather Made to order ..
$74.61 $20.77
Gold Beaded Choker Gold Choker Chain Choker Chain Necklace ET-8ESE423E-5912
Handmade item Materials: chain, necklace, gold, bead Feedback: 1413 reviews Favo..
$66.22 $13.82
Aquamarine Choker Gemstone Choker Boho Choker Bohemian Choker Thin Black Choker Black Choker Choker Necklace Simple Black Choker ET-E496E127-5626
$87.50 $11.74
Minimalist Choker Silver Choker Choker Necklace Sterling Silver Choker Delicate Necklace Dainty Choker Layering Choker ET-1S33S411-4723
$167.00 $101.57
Tiny Pearl Choker • Pearl Layered With Dainty Gold Chain • Gift for Her • Elegant Layered Choker w Pearl 14k Gold Fill Chain Choker ET-15S73E18-4577
$104.12 $44.64
Dangle Coin Necklace || Coin Choker || Gold Coin Choker || Dangled Circle Choker || Gold Chain Choker || Gold Choker ET-S9183E5S-3797
$132.34 $33.19
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