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Black White Yin Yang Wolf Canine Dog Spiritual Duality Pair Bond Friendship Couple Valentine Metal Necklace Pendant ET-91620E8E-8701
$120.85 $47.79
Elite Shungite pendant stone EMF protection shungite jewelry energy crystal chakra healing crystal gift ET-256S1S27-7046
Handmade item Materials: shungite, Elite Shungite, Noble Shungite, Noble Elite Shungite, h..
$111.70 $12.21
Mama bear and cubs mother amd children bear shaped fashion necklace gift in gift box ET-8808S67S-9013
Handmade item Made to order Feedback: 132 reviews Favorited by: 126 people ..
$66.18 $14.57
bottle necklace pink flower necklace wish necklace for girl tiny necklace for women pink necklace lavender jewelry Pю191 ET-820416ES-9501
$83.12 $18.41
Kawaii Charm (From "Kawaii Friday") ET-86SE835E-2221
Handmade item Materials: Polymer Clay, Paint, Metal Findings Made to order Feedb..
$98.90 $11.25
40th Birthday Necklace ET-5351E276-3498
Handmade item Pendant height: 10 mm Pendant width: 10 mm Feedback: 401 reviews ..
$115.58 $45.51
Acorn necklace Woodland necklace Autumn Fall jewelry. botanical jewelry nature lover gift natural jewelry gift under 45 ET-50779270-0789
$127.35 $52.07
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